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stemLooking for a New Job? Your Future STEMs From Here

Raise your hand if you’ve heard at some point in your life, math is for men and English literature is for women? Yeah—I’ve heard it too. I’ve read it online and heard it in passing at school. If you look around a typical Intro to Engineering class you might find that the men outnumber the women. But why? Read more »

DSC_0371_2How to Stay Sane as an Unemployed Graduate

I don’t function properly if I have time to think. My brain doesn’t shut down, it doesn’t take time off and it doesn’t conform to the whim of everyone around me. This is something I had to find out the hard way, but once I did I learned how to work around it. Read more »

junk foodWhy I’m Out of Shape

YouTuber, SuperWoman, talks about why she’s out of shape: “There are so many other other things to do besides working out: Eating. Lieing down. Sitting down. Not working out.” “I have commitment issues.” Working out is always just like a clingy boyfriend. It’s always just like: Do me, just do me. Lift this. Squat there. In both situations, I’m like, yo, just let me lie down and go to sleep.” Read more »

intimacyDoes Anybody Actually Want to Cuddle?

My generation is afraid of intimacy. We’re afraid of being vulnerable. I’M afraid of being vulnerable. So I too pretend I don’t feel what I feel and I continue living day to day. Am I trying to play the game? Not really, but it seems to be inevitable. Does any of this benefit me? Of course not. Read more »

smart glamourFashion for Every Woman: Smart Glamour Provides Affordable, Customizable Clothes

The idea that women deserve more than what’s been provided to them on the runway is why Mallorie ended up striving for and taking over that fashion column, became co-editor of the newspaper, enrolled in fashion classes and started her business. Read more »

thedallasprojectThe Dallas Project: Examining the Adult Entertainment Industry in the Bible Belt

Deep in the heart of Texas, right along the Bible Belt, Dallas is a city with two identities. On one side there is the deeply religious, conservative right-wing community. On the flip side there is the proliferation of strip clubs, with Dallas having one of the highest concentrations of clubs in the country. Read more »

fauxsociety.comKelsey Darragh Shows Us that Life Can be Harder Than It Looks

Co-creators Kelsey Darragh and Ayden Mayeri, who play themselves, display the difficult adjustment of becoming adults, who are struggling to make ends meet in their impossibly cool and well-decorated apartment. Read more »

Mother's loveIs There a Right Way to Birth a Child?

The US has seen an increase in natural childbirths over the past decade. Some women choose to have water births, home births and or a birth supported by a midwife. The funny thing is that throughout history, women gave birth without doctors, medical interventions and/or medication. Read more »