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photo156 Easy-Breezy Summer Hairstyles You Can Dress Up or Down

Summer is a fun time, but it can also be a busy one. Use these easy hairstyles next time you’re looking for an effortless look to run errands, go to work or even a party. For all of these hairstyles start out with wavy, texturized hair which you can achieve through sleeping in braids with damp hair, using sea salt or both. Read more »

hercampus.com10 Things that Happen When You Move Home for the Summer

A college education is more than thesis papers and group projects. Students learn the glory of independence, and cherish the beauty of a full refrigerator when their parents summon them home for the summer months. There are many unavoidable positives and negatives that come with returning to the nest, and on my fourth trip home, I noticed that there are some situations and events that have happened every single time. Read more »

junk foodWhy I’m Out of Shape

YouTuber, SuperWoman, talks about why she’s out of shape: “There are so many other other things to do besides working out: Eating. Lieing down. Sitting down. Not working out.” “I have commitment issues.” Working out is always just like a clingy boyfriend. It’s always just like: Do me, just do me. Lift this. Squat there. In both situations, I’m like, yo, just let me lie down and go to sleep.” Read more »

fukuokuFukuoku Fingertip Vibrator Review

When it comes to fingertip massagers, it doesn’t get any better than the Fukuoku. It has one speed, which is quite fast (9000 vibrations per minute, to be exact – hence the name), the comfortable positioning on the finger allows the user to increase or decrease pressure without fear of losing grip on the vibe. Read more »

20140427_162904Street Style: Cait from Iowa

Freelance writer, Cait, from Iowa shows off her vintage-inspired look, as well as a new friend she made while modeling. Her look includes a Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Venitia Platform Wedge Sandals, Steve Madden Gold Purse and Malco Modes Tea-Length Chiffon Petticoat Slip with Lace. Read more »

thedallasprojectThe Dallas Project: Examining the Adult Entertainment Industry in the Bible Belt

Deep in the heart of Texas, right along the Bible Belt, Dallas is a city with two identities. On one side there is the deeply religious, conservative right-wing community. On the flip side there is the proliferation of strip clubs, with Dallas having one of the highest concentrations of clubs in the country. Read more »

scissrScissr: 4 Lesbians, 12 Relationships, 1 iPhone App.

“When I realized I was a lesbian at 24 I soaked up all the lesbian shows I could find, but there weren’t many available and I didn’t feel like they really reflected the community I was discovering. With Scissr I set out to create something that I could relate to as a 20-something lesbian in the beautiful cesspool of struggle that is Brooklyn, NY.” Read more »

Mother's loveIs There a Right Way to Birth a Child?

The US has seen an increase in natural childbirths over the past decade. Some women choose to have water births, home births and or a birth supported by a midwife. The funny thing is that throughout history, women gave birth without doctors, medical interventions and/or medication. Read more »

photo(5)Flurt With Summer Promo Video

It’s important to us that we promote diversity when it comes to women around the world, and we portray that theme through all the types of people we show in the 1 minute film. Shot in San Francisco by amazing filmmaker and photographer, Jeremy Givens, we’re pleased to launch this beauty in the hopes of getting the word out to our motivated community who want to make a difference in young women’s lives. Read more »