Lena Dunham Brings Home the Golden Globes

by February 4, 2013
filed under Entertainment


When Lena Dunham, the creator of the HBO show Girls, swept the Golden Globes and won awards for best Comedy Series and Best Actress in a TV comedy series or musical many young women were both shocked and ecstatic. The talented 26-year-old strutted her stuff in a chic maroon, off-the-shoulder satin gown designed by Zac Posen. She looked classy and elegant. But the question was: Did she deserve such recognition at such a young age?

After winning the awards, Lena went to party with her fellow actresses. The Girls’ double Globe indicates that the show is here to stay. The first season was critically acclaimed due to its honest and forthright portrayal of young women’s life in New York. The second season has since premiered, and Lena is looking to achieve similar success this season. Lena who acts as Hannah, a sexually frustrated and financially unstable young woman, has been quoted that the Globes were won are for “every woman who felt like there was not a space for her.”

Reading her speech aloud, Lena thanked HBO, as well as her cast and crew, including producer Judd Apatow. She was visibly shaking as she accepted her first Golden Globe and her speech had to be cut short before she went off stage. Lena won her award against hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, who were nominated for NBC sitcoms 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation. Julia Louis-Dreyfus of Veep and Zooey Deschanel of New Girl were also up for a Golden Globes against Girls. In her speech, Lena thanked these ladies for being her role models.

After going on stage to win her second award, Lena said that “it took a village to raise this very demented child”— her show, that is —“well-known for its revealing of nakedness of emotional and physical” insight. Lena also said that if she ever won an award for her work she would also thank “Chad Lowe” after recalling when Hilary Swank won for her performance in Million Dollar Baby and did not thank her then husband. She just promised herself and promised her mom that is what she would do.

I think Lena deserved her Golden Globes. It is a difficult thing for such a young person to make a hit show in the world of acting. Girls is a realistic interpretation of gurls our age and I enjoy that every gurl can relate to the show on many levels. In the video, Lena Dunham talks Girls by Fortune Magazine, Lena admits that she has learned a lot from people on her crew, her mother and some of her writing teachers. Although she enjoys acting on Girls, she really enjoys writing the parts in her show because she cannot do all the acting she wants. A lot of what she puts in Girls is a revealing of herself “naked on television.” She enjoys that she is able to have that creative control over her  show.

Lena also finds the show often compared to Sex and the City. She says SATC opened up opportunities for shows like hers to be on television. Her show is about transitions – not only transitions from college to real life, but changes and transitions throughout everyone’s life. It is about seeing gurls that are realistic and relatable in the media.

In the second season, Lena has promised that there is and will be a multitude of new actors that satisfy her viewers; people of different race, color and personality. She recalls that it is important to have choices because even the tiniest choices have been instrumental in the success of the show. Success to Lena is connecting with the audience and pushing one’s self and to have a balance of work and personal life. I think she has truly satisfied the conditions of success on her show and I encourage you to watch Girls in its exciting second season.

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