Featured Artist: Mariah McManus

by June 24, 2013
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The airy vocals of Mariah McManus can bring nostalgic feelings or add to that date night mix you’ve been crafting. Whatever the occasion, Mariah can soothe you, move you and groove with you.


At only 21, Mariah is one of those surprising discoveries that you find while searching through the gems of the underground world of singer songwriters. She delivers her lyrics through a melodic playground of feel good vibes filled with beautiful harmonies. She’s the perfect blend of musician – the kind you can wake up listening to or fall asleep with.


Mariah’s unique voice received several reviews with the release of her first full-length album Nice To Meet You, which was recorded in Nashville. The ten-track album wanders through an array of topics from fighting for love to laying it all down.

Unarmed, a favourite of mine, begins with a three-chord progression of an acoustic accompanied with ambient synths, a piano and Mariah’s voice being the voice of reason.

Simplicity is not the only side Mariah carries, rather, on her other tracks she features a fuller sound demonstrated on Say It Again and Now That You’re Gone.

Her indie pop sound may reflect Ingrid Michaels with a hint of Taylor Swift’s songwriting techniques, but she is definitely her own genre. With her music being featured recently on TV show Grey’s Anatomy there is no doubt that Mariah will go far in the music industry and become a voice that everyone will be listening to in the future!

Be sure to check out Mariah’s website and her on twitter!

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