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Eveline Charles: Daily Renewal Marine Mask and Marine Root Tonic

by July 6, 2013
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If you’ve ever wanted to grow your hair long and needed some help with that, I have 2 products for you! Recommended by one of my favorite estheticians at Eveline Charles, the duo use of the Daily Renewal Marine Mask and Daily Renewal Marine Root Tonic is suggested for those who “desire longer, stronger and thicker hair.”

The Marine Mask indicates that it’s composed of algae, which include “high levels of minerals, proteins and vitamins” that “oxygenate and stimulate the scalp.” The Marine Mask’s “anti-inflammatory properties” help balance the skin and “calm irritation, creating a healthy environment for hair to grow.” The product is supposed to be applied evenly, 2 or 3 times a week, to towel-dried hair, particularly at the roots. It’s then left in for about 5 minutes before being rinsed out; it smells wonderful – sort of light, flowery, perfumed and conditioner- like- and makes your hair feel silky and soft! In store or online at, the Marine Mask costs $33.00 for 180 mL (6 oz.).

Eveline Charles recommends that you use its Daily Renewal Marine Root Tonic after using of the Marine Mask. The Marine Root Tonic is sprayed onto the roots of your towel-dried hair (spray 4 to 6 inches from your hair’s roots) and then massage into the scalp.

Afterwards you can style your hair as desired. The Marine Root Tonic promises to stimulate hair growth and give your hair volume. It’s a unique blend of “actives” that “increase…circulation and allow . . . hair to grow thicker and stronger with time.” The Marine Root Tonic also contains algae and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which function as they do in the Marine Mask to ultimately- and evidently-create an environment conducive to healthy hair growth. The Root Tonic costs $36 for 120 ml (4 oz.).

If you’re like me, you are probably pretty skeptical about products that cost 30-something dollars each and allege to make your hair grow thicker and longer. I think my esthetician convinced me to try these two products when she swore that a gurl at the salon had tried them and found that they worked really well. My esthetician also promised to try them with me. The last time I had my hair cut and highlighted – a month and a half before I used these two products – my hair grew 2 inches in a month and a half. My hair tends to grow fast and this is about the usual for me. After I tried the Marine Mask and the Marine Root Tonic, I was shocked to measure my hair and see that it had grown 4 inches within another month and a half-double the amount it had grown without the Marine Mask and Marine Root Tonic.

So yes, these products really do work, much to my surprise! Although you would have to weigh their abilities against the combined price of the 2 products as I am told that they do not work that well if they’re used in isolation of one another.

If you really want to invest in the product line you can also purchase the Daily Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner, Daily Renewal Silk Fusion Complex (apply 1 to 2 times a week) and Daily Renewal Detangling Spray. But as I was told, and found out, the 2 products I tried were the most effective. If you are really set on growing your hair out, the Daily Renewal Marine Mask and Daily Renewal Marine Root Tonic are great means to this end but they come at a price!

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