Featured Artist: Chrissy McHugh

by August 19, 2013
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If you haven’t heard Scarlet Chase – I’m pretty sure now would be a good time to go check them out! Lead singer, Chrissy McHugh plays both guitar and piano. She is one of the very few genuine punk rockers out there in the music world today with a youthful voice and an addicting personality.

Currently in Sydney Australia, this chick is not only the lead vocalist of an awesome band but she’s also the owner and founder of MoshPit Music. It’s apparent that she has a safety net because according to her, she’s studied journalism. I’m legitimately entranced by Scarlet Chase’s drive even though there’s not a huge repertoire of their music available. From what I’m hearing, their shit rocks and it rocks hard!

Chrissy has some serious chops and I feel like if she could have put just a little more edge on her vocals, she could revive the mangled remains of punk music and maybe even the culture! With all the mockery that comes with punk and the culture of rock music, THIS IS WHAT THE INDUSTRY NEEDS. Of course, then there’s Avril Lavigne who tries to be punk but can’t. I feel sorry for her poor fans that believe that Avril embodies what punk is. Chrissy, on the other hand gives me hope for the future of rock. Her gritty, edgy vocals, her badass liberated attitude and her style is enough to give anyone that nice piece of punk paradise and rocker desire!

Aside from that, if you want good, solid or as Scarlet Chase says, “Hard Rock branded with a liberal smattering of bad ass attitude,” then this is the band to watch out for. You can check them out on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. You won’t find a lot about them on the web since they are still in their development phase but I encourage you to show your support by posting, tweeting and hell, even WRITING about them! I know I’ll be doing my part and I hope you will too!

These guys are some serious hard rock musicians with a GENUINELY tight sound. They’re bright, original and a little bit cheesy. I can’t wait to hear more from Scarlet Chase and the release of their album that will definitely become part of my music collection, as it should for yours too!

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