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Put Me In A One-Piece, Baby

by August 15, 2013
filed under Style

The bikini is by far one of the most popular swimsuit styles. The bikini was named by Louis Reard who christened the swimsuit after Bikini Atoll where atomic bomb testing took place in 1946. Louis believed that the bikini would cause as much of a stir as the atomic bomb had in Japan the previous summer. Moreover, the emancipation of women has often been linked to the emancipation of swimwear. In the mid 2000s, bikinis were a $118 million dollar industry. So what’s with the return of the one-piece bathing suit? Is it a step back for women and their liberation?

One-piece swimsuits are what women wore before the launch of the bikini. They first manifested in a maillot or tank-suit style which resembled a sleeved leotard or bodysuit. Now we can find one-piece in various  styles, including halter neck, plunge neck, wrap around, bandeau, razorback, flyback and fastback. Today, the flashback to retro one-piece swimsuits from the 1930s to the 1960s have brought woman back to the coverage allowed  by a one-piece that can’t be found in a skimpy bikini. After all, not all woman feel confident in a bikini or want certain parts of their body on display for all to see.

  1. This style of bathing suit makes the wearer look long and lean. It covers (depending on the style) from the tops of your breasts to your bottom and in some retro versions, it covers to the bottom of your butt   even more than a typical sports swimsuit. This is great for curvier gurls and women with larger butts and hips who may worry about the bottom of their swimsuit riding up.
  2. It’s also great at lengthening shorter legs due to the cut. Some swimsuits with higher-cut legs can make a gurl’s legs look longer or can cover up bigger hips and thighs with a lower-cut leg.
  3. A one-piece will also cover your tummy should you have issues with that part of your body. It flattens out little bumps such as love handles, back fat and tummies that stick out, making the wearer less self-conscious and more self-confident in their bathing suit
  4. Bikinis may be sexy, but a swim suit with full coverage can be just as sexy, if not sexier! Retro styles highlight a woman’s curves and go in at the waist while emphasizing the bust and hips. Cut-out styles can show just as much skin as a bikini, revealing a tiny waist or long, lean back.

Whatever your shape, whatever your size you can find a one piece bathing suit that will fit your size and body shape. A great place to buy swimsuits for both regular and plus-size women is which often features some of the more retro-looking one-piece swimsuits at a reasonable price. You can also get great swimsuits made to fit your precise measurements on All you have to do is find a merchant who is selling swimsuits and they will make them with a liner, a great fabric of your choice and bra cups  all tailored to your shape. This is particularly great if you have hips that are marginally bigger than your breasts or vice versa.

Wherever you buy your swimsuit, consider the liberating one-piece swimsuit that is great for hiding and smoothing out parts of your body you’re not comfortable showing while still being sexy. Bikinis may have launched with the emancipation of woman but I think we can agree that what is liberating about a swimsuit now is being able to find one that looks good on you despite your body shape or size.

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