Street Style: Malorie Shmyr

by August 8, 2013
filed under Style

malorie5Malorie Shmyr is a brilliant artist living in Edmonton, Canada. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Malorie about her Self Conscious Series for the Exciting Entrepreneur spot in the fall issue of Flurt! Magazine. At the end of our interview she gave me permission to snap some photos of her lovely outfit and her rad owl purse for our street style spot on the website. If you’re wondering, the owl’s name is Orsen.

The 26 year old is engaged to her high school sweetheart who gave her the heart charm she wears every single day, accompanied by the love charm she picked up in Kamakura Japan.

Shirt: Athropologie, $100
Pants: Anthropologie, $220
Shoes: Roberto Vianni, $50
Purse: San Francisco 2008, $150




Check out Malorie’s work at





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