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by September 9, 2013
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ashantiYou may have seen her: A tall black woman with a killer voice. That’s Ashanti Marshall. A self-taught vocalist, songwriter and guitar player, she cut her teeth in coffee shops and pubs, playing week after week, fronting the live band she founded in 2009, Noisy Colours.

Now she’s going solo, and making big changes. To avoid confusion with Ashanti Douglas, Ashanti Karimah Mcleod Marshall is performing as Karimah. This is a fresh start, and a risky move, departing from the name she has built for almost a decade in Edmonton. She’s moving in a new direction, taking her career into her own hands to, “inspire people to be independent and see their dreams become reality.”

To explain the name change, she says, “we all know about the other Ashanti, the famous one. Well I want to be famous one day, and I don’t want people confusing me with her. I want people to be intrigued by a new name, a new persona. Especially since I’m moving towards more soulful stuff, and being a solo artist, my middle name, Karimah, is a good choice. It’s got a certain power but a softness to it. But who knows, maybe I’ll change my name again before I become world famous.”

No More – Nightcaps Feat. Ashanti Marshall

Collaborating with DJs and producers based in Edmonton and Vancouver, Ashanti Marshall a.k.a Karimah has released several singles in the electronic genre and is currently, working on a solo album with producer Spurz (Vancouver).

Ashanti is proud to be a proficient female Afro-Canadian performer, and is in the running for a Black Gold award. Nominate Ashanti Karimah Mcleod Marshall for Performer of the Year and Outstanding Future prospect of the year at: http://blackgoldawards.ca Nominations close September 13!

For those of you who have Ashanti Marshall’s vocal stylings in the rock genre, prepare for a pleasant surprise.

Already – Spurz Feat. Karimah

To get in touch with Ashanti, email her at karimahmusic@gmail.com.

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