Featured Artist: Lissie

by November 25, 2013
filed under Entertainment

Lissie, the bare-faced singer-songwriter who reminds us that we don’t have to be shameless to make it in the music biz has dropped her new album, Back To Forever. We’re reviewing it in our winter issue of Flurt! Magazine.

Above you can listen to a sampler of Back To Forever, including I Don’t Want to Go to Work, an upbeat anthem for everyone who craves something more passionate than what they’re currently doing, They All Want You, a slower ballad about feeling like you’re losing your partner to circumstances outside your control and Mountaintop Removal, a political piece on the future of American children.

The strong lyrics and beautiful melodies of Lissie’s music speaks for itself. But in case you needed any more reason to love the spunky but sweet artist, here’s what she had to say about Shameless when we told her that the song really resonates with our message.

“I was going through a period of frustration over style trumping substance. In general I just try to stay focused on being my best and not engage in that whole world but the fame game was really getting me down. The song addresses my insecurities on one hand and then makes a fair assessment of the world of celebrity on the other. Thank you guys for keeping it real!”

Find Lissie’s album on iTunes here, and don’t forget to read our article in the winter issue, out on the website December 1st.

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