Featured Band: Girls of the World

by November 11, 2013
filed under Entertainment

Females rapping to a feminist message? Hell yeah.

The song and video for I Am Malala by Girls of the World was created by young women who have been inspired by Malala Yousafzai, a 16 year old the Taliban attempted to murder when they found out she was fighting for the right to education in Pakistan. The message: We are all Malala, spreading infinite hope for a better tomorrow.

The song is being used to raise awareness of the Malala Fund, an organization run by Malala herself. The fund works to help gurls go to school and promote the idea that women everywhere should raise their voice towards the right to education. For more information and to donate to the fund, click here.

To buy I Am Malala on iTunes, click here. All proceeds go towards the Malala Fund.

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