DIY Perfume: Turning your Garden into your Signature Scent

by July 29, 2014
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Ever thought about pro-longing the life of your beloved roses as their petals begin to fall to the ground? What if you could bottle their scent? I am here to tell you that this concept can become a reality in just a few easy DIY steps. You will never have to throw your flowers away again!

Firstly if you’re like me, you already cut your flowers and bring them indoors, so that you can remove the remaining petals as you see fit after a couple of days. Remember though, fresh is always best, so for optimal results you’ll want to cut them fresh from the garden. Alternatively, you can buy roses and simply have a little fun creating your own perfume.

You will need:
– Glass jar with screw lid
– Rose petals
– Jojoba oil
– Perfume bottle

1.Remove the stems from the roses, so you’re left with just the petals.
2.Fill the glass jar with the Jojoba oil.
3.Distribute petals evenly at the same time in the jar.
4.Screw the lid on the glass jar tightly.
5.Place in a dark, cool environment for a month (I know it’s a long time but remember that beautiful things take time to create!)
6. Its time to unveil your signature scent!

Now that you’re finished, it’s time to experiment!

Firstly, if you loved your scent then bottle that baby up and rejoice at the fact that you have created a personalized perfume that no one else will be wearing. Secondly, let’s say you are feeling a little creative and up for a challenge; this next step is for you.

At the moment you have a perfume made up of a signature scent, which was extracted from a flower. The Jojoba oil is your carrier oil. It’s the base of your scent. This means that you can add further scents to the concoction you have made. You can do this by adding more flowers to your glass jar through the same means of extraction.

Alternatively there is a much simpler way in which you can add further excitement to your scent: Through the use of essential oils. These can be easily bought in shops and online. Essential oils are natural oils distilled from plant sources and generally are pure, meaning there are no added nasties. To further develop your floral scent you can add essential oils like jasmine, rose or ylang ylang to name a few.

There are also health benefits associated with the use of essential oils. For example, the jasmine flower is known for its qualities as an anti-depressant and aphrodisiac. Ylang ylang is known for its qualities as a sedative for the nervous system, meaning it aids in stress and tension relief. By adding essential oils to your perfumes the benefits are undeniable.

The next time you go to throw out those old looking flowers, hopefully in the back of your mind you’ll be thinking about what you could possibly do with the petals, and go green by reusing them to make your own perfume! The next time you’re walking in the garden and you get a waft of a tantalizing scent, you’re going to think twice about the thought of bottling that smell so you can create a personalized scent. So get out there and give it a go! You will for sure impress your friends.

What’s more fun than creating something so unique that no one else has? Let us know what scents you decided to create in the comments below.

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