26 Things I Learned in 26 Years

by October 17, 2015
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Amanda as a kid

Living the 90s life.

My 26th birthday is today and if you know me you’ll know that I feel birthdays are a very exciting time. Even if you don’t care about celebrating yours, I’ll organize a party for you because I’ll be that excited about it. To me, birthdays are a fresh start, a new year and a time to shed the skin of your former self to become the person you want to be. Last year I endured a bit of a quarter-life crisis and took a hard look at where I wanted my life to head, and this year I’m thinking it’ll be the year I become braver in my career and have more fun in general.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons in my early 20s regarding relationships with people, managing my career and life in general, so in taking the theme of being braver I’m going to share 26 things from my 26 years of life that can help you navigate your early 20s as well. Some of them will be personal and some of them will be more general, but hopefully they’ll be relevant to your own life and you’ll be able to avoid learning some lessons the hard way. If any of these resonate with you please let me know in the comments below!

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1. Don’t waste time around people who bring you down, even if they’re family or you’ve known them forever.
2. You don’t need to be loud to stand up for yourself.
3. Just because someone makes love to you doesn’t mean they’re in love with you.
4. There’s never a good reason the person you’re dating is still on a dating site.
5. Paying off debt may seem less important than having fun but it’ll eliminate so much stress in the long run.
6. Taking time to practice stress-coping techniques will make a world of difference.
7. Feeding your health now is a lot less expensive than paying for medication in the future.
8. Alcohol has no benefits whatsoever.
9. Not everyone needs to agree with you so don’t waste your time arguing.
10. Being vulnerable is a good thing.
11. Writing lists will change your organization skills and your life.
12. It’s OK if your path is re-routed. It’ll be re-routed often, so learn to be flexible.
13. Learn to budget and you’ll never run out of money unknowingly again.
14. Stop trying to fix your damaged hair and just cut it off already.
15. One day you’ll be happy with your small boobs.
16.No, you’re not boring for wanting to hang out by yourself more often than not.
17. Things are a lot less black and white than you think.
18. Life is so much less stressful when you just do what you want to do.
19. There are so many people struggling with the same thing as you, you just haven’t met them yet.
20. The best kind of partner is one that never stops making you laugh.
21. You can and will have a healthy relationship one day, and yes, you do deserve it.
22. Be grateful everyday.
23. You can live with a lot less than you think.
24. Even if you don’t think you’re a bath person, you are.
25. Meditation has nothing on swimming in the ocean.
26. One day you’ll find a partner who not only appreciates your ambition but pushes you to be even more so.

Do you have any more life lessons? Let me know below.

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