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8 Eco Friendly Makeup Brands We Love

by December 25, 2016
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I’ve all seen the PETA commercials that show testing on poor, innocent animals. I’ve learned the ugly truths that what we use to put on our face contained dangerous ingredients for both the environment and me—so what should I do? Stop wearing makeup? HA! Yeah, right. When I go out shopping I want to make sure I’m buying/supporting a brand that is PETA-approved and has wholesome, FDA-approved ingredients that won’t ruin my skin. There are hundreds of makeup brands out there, but here are eight makeup brands that promise to be eco friendly. Please note: These are all PETA approved.

1. Aveda – Horst Rechelbacher saw the connection between wellness, beauty, and plant aromaology. Believing this could be made into a profitable business, Horst pushed forward and made the decision that this business was also committed to social and environmental responsibility. Mostly known for their hair products, Aveda also has it’s own tea and makeup brand. They pride themselves on not using animal testing, 89% of their raw herbal materials are certified organic, and their shampoo bottles are made with a minimum of 80% post-consumer recycled content. Plus, the bottles can be recycled again after use.

2. Jane Iredale – The president and founder of this brand discovered the idea for a mineral cosmetic line when she was working in the entertainment industry. She witnessed actresses and models struggle with the long-term effects ofwearing makeup that did more harm to their skin than good. Jane’s time working with women whose careers depended on a clear complexion allowed her to see how skin disorders and sensitivities both threatened their careers and destroyed their self-confidence, so she created her own high quality line.

3. Burt’s Bees – This company proudly refers to themselves as a bunch of ‘tree-hugging do-gooders.’ Two of their main ingredients are beeswax and willow bark, proving their commitment to natural ingredients.

4. Tarte Cosmetic – Not only are they cruelty-free, but Tarte Cosmetics ingredients are all tested and based on US FDA requirements. Plus, the brand uses an international grading scale for cleanliness and work environment for their employees.

5. Bite Beauty – This Toronto based company uses natural oils in their product to keep lips hydrated. Their creamy matte lipsticks have a relaxing citrus scent and colors that range from nudes to the darkest plums.


6. bareMinerals – For 35 years, this San Franciscan company has gained its inspiration from local artists and innovators. They like to think differently, so they created products “powered by nourishing, skin-loving minerals,” and they formulate with purity in mind. As an added bonus, bareMinerals considers their customers friends, which makes any interactions with employees or customer service a breeze.


7. Kat Von D Beauty – I love Kat, and the fact that her makeup brand is on PETA’s cruelty free list is awesome! The #VeganAlert sign on her website states that they have never, nor will they ever test on animals and products. This all began when Sephora approached the famous tattoo artist in 2008 with the proposal of creating her own makeup line. Initially, Kat said that her goal was to come up with the four most perfect shades of red lipstick. Of course this wasn’t the end, and now Kat’s brand has grown to involve all other makeup products like eyeliners, eye shadows, foundation, and more.

8. E.L.F Cosmetics – E.L.F believes that beauty comes from within all of us. Their line of cosmetics will capture youthful looking skin with gorgeous colors and quality ingredients. “Our products are designed to let your inner beauty shine through.” Their vision is to empower and educate women to play in innovation without sacrificing their budget. On their website prices begin at $1 with free shipping for purchases over $25.

Did we miss any of your favorite eco friendly brands? Let us know in the comments below!

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