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We’re the generation that has been told to go to school to get a good job, to trust the food we’re sold, the products we buy and not question the system. We’re realizing that things need to be done differently and that it’s time for us to take the power back – and that starts with our media.

FLURT is creating a socially conscious community for young people around the world to make their own media. We empower young adults to talks about real issues that are important to them.

We started FLURT because we saw the need for a healthy magazine in the checkout line. We wanted to create a publication that builds people up rather than tears them down. We’re doing this by promoting real bodies instead of photoshop, real issues instead of gossip and ethical and affordable products instead of letting corporations influence how we live.

Basically, we wanted to make a magazine where readers are also the writers, editors, designers and photographers. We wanted to form an inclusive space where young people can talk about what matters to them.

So, we’re bringing the current and hard hitting publication young people need on stands while still giving them that fun vibe they want. Want to get involved? Email amanda(at)

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