Amanda Shea

Mental Health

Continuing a National Conversation about Mental Health

by June 19, 2016

May was National Mental Health Awareness Month — but we need to talk about mental health year round. Let's ... [ more ]

Health & Wellness

If You Like Piña Coladas…

by June 18, 2016

Nothing says summer more than sipping a piña colada beachside! A traditional piña colada contains alcohol, but we're opting ... [ more ]


10 Things We Love About Pride

by June 4, 2016

Happy Pride Month! We're so excited to celebrate queer identities this June. Here are 10 of our favorite parts ... [ more ]


The City of Brotherly Love – and Vedge!

by October 1, 2015

Amanda recaps her trip to Philadelphia this summer, including a trip to Vedge ... and prison?! [ more ]


K & A: An Interview with Series Creator Katie Shannon

by July 24, 2014

K & A is a hilarious, down-to-hearth series based off the adventures of two best friends - one gay, ... [ more ]


How to Find the Gurl of Your Dreams Online

by April 9, 2014

Navigating the world of online dating can be overwhelming. Some of the rules play over into same-sex relationships – ... [ more ]


How I Embraced Uncertainty in 2013

by December 31, 2013

I turned 23 in July. I remember overhearing a conversation about the age of 23 being irrelevant. While it’s ... [ more ]


10 Tips on Celebrating an Eco-friendly Holiday Season

by December 23, 2013

Participating in a couple of these tips will greatly help the planet. I know not all of these tips ... [ more ]

Reproductive Rights

Is There a Right Way to Birth a Child?

by December 10, 2013

The US has seen an increase in natural childbirths over the past decade. Some women choose to have water ... [ more ]

Sex & Dating

Is Wing Ma’am the Female Grindr?

by November 16, 2013

As a queer woman myself, I am excited for the release of this app. The LGBTQ community has a ... [ more ]


A Personal Reflection on my Own Privilege

by October 29, 2013

Having conversations with others who are less and more privileged than me helped me further understand the very real ... [ more ]


Why Millennials Are Pissed Off

by October 8, 2013

I did what I was supposed to: I graduated high school, left college with honors, interned after graduation – ... [ more ]

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