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Kate Willett Talks Bisexuality & Polyamory on New Comedy Album

by May 31, 2017

We caught up with Kate Willett to talk about bisexuality, polyamory and more on her new comedy album, Glass ... [ more ]

Current Events

Come to Our FREE LOVE Rave in Edmonton

by April 9, 2017

Dance to consicous DJs, join a cuddle puddle and get giveaways for just showing up.  [ more ]


This Film Shows What It’s Like to be a Creative Person With Depression

by February 27, 2017

Producer Nicola Rose sets out to show that it's like to have a creative block in her upcoming film. [ more ]


Brad Walsh Is Bringing Consciousness to the Club

by December 24, 2016

Amanda interviews musician Brad Walsh on his new album, Six Infinite, and the responsibility to put meaningful lyrics in ... [ more ]


Why Greenjobs Have the Power to Save the Planet

by December 23, 2016

Amanda interviews Mike Hudema, climate campaigner for Greenpeace, on how greenjobs can save the economy and the environment,  [ more ]


Join Lucy Sutcliffe on the Girl Hearts Girl Book Tour!

by December 5, 2016

Join Lucy Sutcliffe as she vlogs her Girl Hearts Girl UK book tour! [ more ]

Current Events

Come to Our REVOLUTION Rave to Show You Won’t be Defeated

by November 22, 2016

Part of fighting for progress is showing that you can continue on socially and enjoy the life you're fighting ... [ more ]


Is Casual Sex Healthy?

by November 6, 2016

Lucy Rowett, a sex coach in the UK, examines whether or not casual sex is a good idea spiritually. [ more ]

Current Events

How to Survive the 2016 Election

by October 23, 2016

Kelsey explains why no one should think their vote doesn't matter and how it's easier thank you think to ... [ more ]


Casual Rape: Do You Know the Signs?

by October 16, 2016

Casual rape happens all the time, but it's hard to call it what it is. Learn the signs so ... [ more ]

Current Events

Rowan Ellis Talks Witches in ‘Something Wicked’ Series

by October 14, 2016

In preparation for Halloween, we're sharing YouTuber Rowan Ellis's introductory video to her 'Something Wicked' series. [ more ]


Dressing Beyond The Binary

by October 13, 2016

Buzzfeed asked a bunch of queer people how they dress beyond the binary and here's what they said.  [ more ]

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