Jonelle Mandseth

Edmonton, Alberta

When she’s not busy writing, recycling, moshing, or traveling, you can find her either writing about recycling or traveling to catch a good mosh pit. An unashamed cat mom, she also appreciates a cold beer, a healthy debate, or a nice hike in the mountains. Find her on Instagram, Twitter, and Spotify @N0TJ0NELLE - they’re zeros, not o’s, ok?


Madelin Protests “Orange Fucker” in Electro-pop The Peachmixes

by July 17, 2018

"I wanted to make something unapologetic and strong in its feminist message. I felt like I needed to do ...

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Mental Health

X.ARI and the Fight Against Mental Health Stigma

by July 12, 2018

Artist X.ARI says about her EP, Dis-Order, that we can expect "honestly and truth," and "light in dark times."

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6 Ways You’re Doing Recycling Wrong

by July 4, 2018

If we don’t get as many people as possible on board, the end of earth as we know it ...

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Summer Anthems to Empower ‘Ya Soul

by June 7, 2018

Jonelle has put together a nice little playlist that’s perfect for both empowering your spirit and cruising down the ...

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Mad Hawkes: The Baberock Queen

by May 7, 2018

Jonelle interviewed 'baberock' artist Mad Hawkes about her upbringing, musical influences and self-expression.

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Queer Eye: The New Netflix Show Everyone Needed

by April 5, 2018

The show outlines what communication and a simple conversation can do to change stigma.

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