Kit Kittlestad

Kit Kittelstad is a Freelance Blogger and Adjunct Communications Professor who creates e-learning and lifestyle blog posts for businesses, increasing their online visibility with a special blend of artful articulation and professional pizzazz. Any afternoon spent away from her red pen and MacBook consists of sunny strolls down the oak-lined streets of Savannah, or a beach chair nestled in the glow of the Atlantic shores.


The Top 4 Reasons to Have a Cross-Generational Friendship

by August 23, 2017

We might sport a couple less scars if we learned a few life lessons through those who have been ... [ more ]


5 Ways to Branch Out of Your Solitude

by April 24, 2017

Are you tired of being alone and want to meet more like-minded people? Here are 5 easy ways.  [ more ]


Luxuriate in Stella McCartney’s Vegetarian Leather

by April 21, 2017

So your love of animals and the environment influenced your change in diet...Now let's talk wardrobe! [ more ]

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