Madelin Protests “Orange Fucker” in Electro-pop The Peachmixes

by July 17, 2018

"I wanted to make something unapologetic and strong in its feminist message. I felt like I needed to do ...

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X.ARI and the Fight Against Mental Health Stigma

by July 12, 2018

Artist X.ARI says about her EP, Dis-Order, that we can expect "honestly and truth," and "light in dark times."

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Summer Anthems to Empower ‘Ya Soul

by June 7, 2018

Jonelle has put together a nice little playlist that’s perfect for both empowering your spirit and cruising down the ...

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Mad Hawkes: The Baberock Queen

by May 7, 2018

Jonelle interviewed 'baberock' artist Mad Hawkes about her upbringing, musical influences and self-expression.

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Queer Eye: The New Netflix Show Everyone Needed

by April 5, 2018

The show outlines what communication and a simple conversation can do to change stigma.

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Sheare is the Soundtrack to Modern Dating

by March 12, 2018

Jason talks to New York musician Sheare about his new EP, modern dating and the future of his music.

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Thriving in Sex Work + Win a Copy of the New Workbook

by March 3, 2018

Lola Davina teaches other sex workers how to thrive in the industry, and gives away a copy of her ...

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Why Women Are Leaving Feminism

by December 19, 2017

We must listen to women who don’t identify with feminism so we can learn how to make the movement ...

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Black Lives Matter

10 Things We Love About ‘She’s Gotta Have It’

by December 14, 2017

Women need an empowering, black female lead right now, and Nola Darling is just that in She's Gotta Have ...

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How a Car Crash Birthed a Film Festival

by October 9, 2017

Ingrid Jean-Baptise started the Chelsea Film Festival for unheard voices.

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The Return of Kesha

by August 22, 2017

Kesha manages to craft music that not only gets you dancing, but can lift you up from whatever hurt ...

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‘When We Grow Up’ is Fighting Gender Inequality in Film

by August 2, 2017

Two women are fighting to show the gender gap through their film, When We Grow Up.

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