Weed-Infused Holiday Baking to Help You Give a Fuck

by December 13, 2017

Feeling blah this time of year? Perhaps some weed-infused holiday baking will help you give a fuck or two. [ more ]


#METOO: Where Do We Go From Here?

by November 22, 2017

Now is about the time we begin discussing the fact that sexual assault is a widespread systemic problem.  [ more ]

Health & Wellness

Why You Should Consider Switching to a Menstrual Cup

by October 12, 2017

The most common reason people don't use a menstrual cup is because they lack an understanding of how it’s ... [ more ]

Non binary

What It Means to be Non-Binary

by October 11, 2017

We don’t want to make your life hard with different pronouns – we just want to feel right in ... [ more ]

Mental Health

Can Virtual Reality Cure Mental Illness?

by October 10, 2017

The pretense that false simulation could replace therapy or medication altogether would be irresponsible. [ more ]


What It Was Like to Grow Up With Two Moms

by October 4, 2017

Having two moms not only taught Anna about dealing with homophobia, it helped her deal with her own shame ... [ more ]


How Can I Explain Feminism to My Father?

by September 16, 2017

Does he see the nuances of sexism and ignore them or does he just not see them at all? [ more ]


My Friends Took Me to a Club for the First Time and It Was Awful

by September 14, 2017

Some people love dancing among sweaty bodies and some prefer chatting in a quiet lounge. [ more ]


This App Uses Emojis to Teach You a New Language

by September 13, 2017

Like flashcards, the app Learnji uses emojis to compare words from other languages.  [ more ]


The Top 4 Reasons to Have a Cross-Generational Friendship

by August 23, 2017

We might sport a couple less scars if we learned a few life lessons through those who have been ... [ more ]

Mental Health

Internet Self-Care Day 2017

by August 18, 2017

Taking care of your physical and mental health doesn't have to be a solo job. Here's how you can ... [ more ]

Health & Wellness

How Essential Oils Can Improve Your Health

by August 4, 2017

Essential oils have a long history of being used for food preparation, beauty treatment and health care practices. [ more ]

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