Better Beauty Buys

Better Beauty Buys

Six Scents is Bringing You Buttery Smooth Skin Naturally

by September 6, 2017

These pure, natural and hand-crafted products from Six Scents Home and Bath will make you say "take all my ... [ more ]


Luxuriate in Stella McCartney’s Vegetarian Leather

by April 21, 2017

So your love of animals and the environment influenced your change in diet...Now let's talk wardrobe! [ more ]

Better Beauty Buys

Transitioning to Cleaner Beauty Products

by March 20, 2017

Endocrine disruptors have the potential to cause serious harm. This article explains what ingredients to watch out for in ... [ more ]

Better Beauty Buys

I Got a Lash Lift and It Was the Best Thing I Did for Myself

by January 10, 2017

Amanda talks about getting a lash lift and how it boosted her confidence to wake up feeling effortlessly beautiful. [ more ]


8 Eco Friendly Makeup Brands We Love

by December 25, 2016

Keep our 8 favorite eco friendly makeup brands in mind as you glam up this holiday season. [ more ]

Better Beauty Buys

How to Decide When to Buy Ethical

by February 22, 2016

Do you have a tight budget and are trying to decide when to buy ethical? Amanda did some research ... [ more ]

Better Beauty Buys

5 Steps to Soft, Glowing Skin Naturally

by December 25, 2015

This winter I decided to take drastic measures to ensure that this season my skin was soft and glowing ... [ more ]

Better Beauty Buys

Medicine for Your Soul: Mother Earth Essentials

by December 17, 2015

If you're looking for a natural and homemade gift this holiday season for your loved ones, I would highly ... [ more ]

Better Beauty Buys

This Natural Soap Will Keep Your Skin Moisturized and Smelling Great

by November 2, 2015

FLURT spoke to Portia about why she started her business, the importance of natural products and how you can ... [ more ]

Health & Wellness

Hipbees: Natural Skin Care Products You Can Trust

by October 7, 2015

Hipbees is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in beeswax-based skin-care products. [ more ]

Better Beauty Buys

Vaital Nutrition Brings Us Back to Basics

by October 3, 2015

Vaital's work is to empower women around the world, and this month the brand is donating 50 percent of ... [ more ]

Better Beauty Buys

This Line of Natural Products Will Have You Ditching Your Mainstream Ones

by August 11, 2015

Mamata Holistics are made from raw essential oils and will give your body the love it deserves.  [ more ]

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