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Online Dating

Is There Anyone Decent on Tinder?

by August 25, 2017

Sarah Lee navigates the world of Tinder for the first time and learns if there are any decent people ... [ more ]


How to Get Over Someone You Never Had

by August 19, 2017

Sarah met the love of her life in an elevator...or at least she might have if she had actually ... [ more ]


Here’s Everything I Learned from a Sexless Relationship

by February 23, 2017

Amanda writes about wanting to have her needs met, but thinking needing sex meant she was relapsing.  [ more ]


A Guide to Celebrating the Holidays Single

by December 8, 2016

Here's a reminder from Alexandra that being single during the holidays shouldn't stop you from feeling merry. [ more ]


We Spoke to a Sex Coach to Find Out Why People are Seeking Out Her Services

by November 30, 2016

Amanda talks to Lucy Rowett, a sex coach from England, about why people seek out her services.  [ more ]


Is Casual Sex Healthy?

by November 6, 2016

Lucy Rowett, a sex coach in the UK, examines whether or not casual sex is a good idea spiritually. [ more ]


Casual Rape: Do You Know the Signs?

by October 16, 2016

Casual rape happens all the time, but it's hard to call it what it is. Learn the signs so ... [ more ]


5 Reasons to Date a Fellow Feminist

by September 5, 2016

Holding out for someone who loves the fire you carry with you is tough, but it’s worth it. [ more ]


Things I Learned from Dating in My 20s

by September 4, 2016

Alex has learned that dating in your 20s means there are countless bad reasons to date someone.  [ more ]


I Tried the Spicy Subscriptions ‘Spice Box’

by September 3, 2016

The arrival of this box came at the perfect time. My partner was leaving for Japan, so we were ... [ more ]


The Rise of Polyamory

by August 15, 2016

Rich talks about overcoming his insecurities to live a polyamorous lifestyle and all the beneficial experiences that come with ... [ more ]


The Top 5 Red Flags in Relationships

by April 11, 2016

Kelsey and Ned from Buzzfeed talk about their top five relationship red flags and how they strongly contrast based ... [ more ]

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