Are You a #BabeWithAMobilityAid?

by June 28, 2018

Jessica is challenging the stigma that if you have a disability you can't also be stylish.

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Health & Wellness

What It’s Like to Have an Invisible Illness

by February 7, 2018

When you're not healthy enough to work but not able to qualify for disability life can feel bleak. But ...

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6 Things You Should Never Say to Someone With a Chronic Illness

by April 14, 2016

We know you're coming from a place of love, but remember these comments the next time you think about ...

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Current Events

What’s It Like to Live With an Invisible Disability?

by April 5, 2016

Dyspraxia Foundation Ambassador Krystal-Bella Shaw talks about what it's like to live with an invisible disability and how sharing ...

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