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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

‘Fate – Picking Up Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert

by April 27, 2017

Author Elizabeth Gilbert of 'Eat Pray Love' teaches us how to live creatively beyond fear.  [ more ]


Transitioning to Cleaner Beauty Products

by March 20, 2017

Endocrine disruptors have the potential to cause serious harm. This article explains what ingredients to watch out for in ... [ more ]


Why My Mental Illness Was the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Me

by February 27, 2017

Amanda talks about how she developed the tools to take care of herself after getting sick.  [ more ]

Health & Wellness

Why I Chose the Nexplanon Arm Implant as my Birth Control

by February 16, 2017

Read how one of FLURT's writers chose her form of contraception.  [ more ]


What I Wish I’d Known Sooner About Consent

by February 14, 2017

Here are 8 things regarding consent that need to be discussed more in relationships and during sex.  [ more ]

Health & Wellness

The Death of Cigarettes & What’s Replacing Them

by January 1, 2017

Connie talks about why cigarettes are becoming increasingly uncool and what the younger generation is replacing them with.  [ more ]

Current Events

How to Survive a Conservative Christmas

by December 1, 2016

Connie talks about how you can survive the holidays around your conservative family this season.  [ more ]

Health & Wellness

6 Facts About Living With Crohn’s Disease

by November 16, 2016

Kirsten opens up about what it's like to have an invisible disability and what she wishes people knew about ... [ more ]

Mental Health

How to Escape S.A.D This Year

by November 4, 2016

Sorcha tells you how you can finally win the fight against the winter blues this year.  [ more ]

Health & Wellness

This Annual Conference is Helping Women With PMDD

by November 2, 2016

Liana Laverentz, award-winning author and popular blogger, reports on her experience at the 2nd annual National Association for Premenstrual ... [ more ]

Health & Wellness

Apple Cider Detox Tea

by October 10, 2016

This Apple Cider Detox Tea is the perfect light and healthy beverage to sip while you're meditating or doing ... [ more ]


Basic Roots is Bringing Raw Vegan Treats to Canadian Stores

by September 10, 2016

Amanda talks about why she loves the raw vegan treats from basic roots and where you can find them ... [ more ]

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