10 Comedians to Get You Through A Trump Presidency

by December 22, 2016

2016 has been hard on us all. Here are 10 of our favorite comedians to help us through the ... [ more ]


Join Lucy Sutcliffe on the Girl Hearts Girl Book Tour!

by December 5, 2016

Join Lucy Sutcliffe as she vlogs her Girl Hearts Girl UK book tour! [ more ]

Current Events

Rowan Ellis Talks Witches in ‘Something Wicked’ Series

by October 14, 2016

In preparation for Halloween, we're sharing YouTuber Rowan Ellis's introductory video to her 'Something Wicked' series. [ more ]


Dressing Beyond The Binary

by October 13, 2016

Buzzfeed asked a bunch of queer people how they dress beyond the binary and here's what they said.  [ more ]


4 Ways To Stop Feeling Insecure During Sex

by October 9, 2016

Louise Pentland, or SprinkleOfGlitter as she's known on the internet, is a terrific advocate for body confidence and self ... [ more ]


K&A Goes to Gay Camp

by October 6, 2016

Best friends Karly and Alex go on a gay camp getaway that's anything but in this mini movie series. [ more ]


Destroying the Millennial Stereotype

by September 15, 2016

Adam Conover from College Humour breaks down why these stereotypes of our "generation" are wrong and what "millennials" are ... [ more ]


Grace, Hannah and Mamrie to Star in Dirty 30 Movie

by July 4, 2016

After months of sneak peaks on Instragram and Snapchat, the Dirty 30 movie trailer is finally here! [ more ]


How To Know If You’re in an Unhealthy Relationship

by July 3, 2016

Buzzfeed expertly tackles the touchy subject of unhealthy relationships in an attempt to open viewers' eyes. [ more ]


Coming Out: One Year Later

by July 1, 2016

YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen reflects on the past year and what has changed since she posted her viral coming out ... [ more ]


Elon Musk Plans to Colonize Mars as Early as 2025

by June 30, 2016

Watch the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk, in his interview at the 2016 Code Conference.  [ more ]


Jenn Goes To Korea 2016

by June 29, 2016

Jenn vlogged her recent family trip to Korea, including the beautiful scenery, her travel outfits and the delicious food ... [ more ]

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