Should We Ban Photoshop?

by October 11, 2011
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By the time we’re reading magazines, women should know it’s no secret that everything is not as it seems. Even the “perfect” models that we see on covers of Cosmo are Photoshopped to look “perfect.” But despite this fact, it’s difficult to ignore the feeling that eats away at us constantly. We know regular women don’t look like these altered perceptions, but we don’t want to be regular women. We want to look like the ideal woman that is portrayed all over pop culture. We want to be special.

“We can’t ignore that our beauty culture is is having wildly negative effects on girls and women,” says Eva Matlins.

And these serious effects are causing people to rethink the use of Photoshop.

“Real, serious and enduring problems occur when we don’t recognize that the images and ideas of the human form being presented in the media are unrealistic expectations and standards for our country’s female population. Our daughter is five and our son is four, and they’re going to start seeing these ads and depictions soon. We want them to be contextualized each and every time they see one, just like a pack of cigarettes.”

Would putting a label on these photographs be enough to changing women’s views on beauty? What about banning Photoshop towards these photos altogether?

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