Digital Ninja: A Politically Driven, Female-Written Graphic Novel

by January 23, 2012
filed under Entertainment

“I didn’t know a woman could write a sci-fi/action story.” That’s often what comes out of men’s mouths when “Rainman” shows up for comic conventions.

“I often get comments like, ‘wow, such interesting stuff coming from a woman.’ It’s insulting, but it doesn’t deter me from pursuing my comic.”

Rainman has longed to draw comics since she first started reading them. And that’s why we’re featuring her comic, Digital Ninja – a politically-driven graphic novel based on a soldier who is known as “Ninja” for his unique weapon choice.

Rainman plans on self-publishing her comic in the future, but hopes it will be picked up one by a “legitimate” publisher one day. For now, she’s happy posting it on her website, where she finds the online community are “very gender-neutral,” and more focused on work rather than whether or not the artist has a penis.

“I totally wish I could have a career as a comic book artist. Unfortunately though, you can only be lucky enough to make it in the industry.”

Right now Rainman makes her living using another artistic talent – decorating cakes. We haven’t seen her cakes, but we totally think she should lean towards the comic book industry!

Digital Ninja


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