Featured Artist: Orianthi

by January 23, 2012
filed under Entertainment

Orianthi is a Greek/Australian musician best known for being Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist on his This Is It tour. However, you might know her from her single in 2009, According To You.

Now, Orianthi’s new album, Fire, is coming out and we think it’s just amazing!

OrianthiBut judging from the YouTube comments, many say she doesn’t get the credit she deserves. She’s not on the charts like the household pop stars we all know. What gives? She’s a hot blond, she plays her own guitar solos and sings her own songs – but you probably didn’t know who she was until now.

We need more female musicians like Orianthi. If you or someone you know fits into this category, please email amanda@flurtsite.com. We would love to give you the credit you deserve!

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