Marry a Fit, Not a Size

by January 25, 2012
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You may have seen a version of this meme of a much different nature. We don’t support hatred of any shape or size.

When did this become hotter than this?

These memes are especially significant when it comes to seeing exactly how clothing size and the idea of beauty have transformed to fashion standards in the last 40 years. Designers and manufacturers change the label size of a garment according to their perceived shopping base. Sizes trend in clothes, just like they do in people. Now that can be great for boosting confidence in curvy girls when their size goes down, but it doesn’t really give shoppers (particularly curvy shoppers) a concrete base when it comes to where they fit on that scale. Sizes change, they fluctuate according to the market, something I’ve noticed even when it comes to buying shoes.

So don’t get too attached to being a size 12 or a size 16. When trying on clothing, grab a size smaller than what you think you are, as well as a one larger and try on all three garments. It should be quite obvious which size is yours in this particular item.

You want the clothing to rest comfortably against your body, not too tight and definitely not too baggy. It is often thought that if say, a t-shirt, is baggy enough then it will hide all imperfections. This is not true at all. If anything, a baggy items has the tendency to increase your shape, rather than thin it out, which is only going to make you look all lumpy. So while we don’t endorse skin-tight leopard jumpsuits (on anyone regardless of their shape or size), we do recommend finding items that are comfortable and fitted. A fitted blouse will help to enhance your beautiful curves as well as look sophisticated.

So don’t get obsessed because you’re supposed to be a size 12 but that size 12 doesn’t fit right. It isn’t you, it’s the garment.

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