Create Real Change

by February 26, 2012
filed under Activism


As women, we are often motivated by emotion and empathy to do good. We have the ability to create change. But change is more than just donating a couple of bucks while paying for coffee. You know how businesses ask if you would like to donate to a certain charity before you put your card through? Well according to Richard Stupart’s article, this does nothing in terms of real change.

“Giving a few cents extra for coffee to some abstract Colombian grower does absolutely nothing to enable them to live a life equal in material terms to yours. There are larger, structural reasons why that grower and folk like him are trapped in an agricultural/resource economy, while you reap the benefits of a higher value economy centered on services, macbooks and lattes.”

“The act of all-included charity, in the end, does little more but work to sustain the coffee grower’s unequal place in the grand order of human economics. It’s better than nothing, to be sure, but it’s a long way short of truly helping anyone to a life like yours.”

Read the rest of the article, Zizek Says Your Donations To Charity Are Hypocritical.

In order to create real change, try purchasing a goat for a family or sponsoring a child. Try contacting Word Vision or Plan Canada to see how you can do good – in the right way. The cost is often a dollar a day – often less than your daily cup of coffee.

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