“Erotic Pedagogy”

by February 23, 2012
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Erotic PedagogyRecently, an academic paper was published by a professor and a student of Grant MacEwan University. You can read the paper here.

An important note is that in the paper, the authors reference feminist author, Bell Hooks, to support their thesis that erotic energy can be constructive in a classroom setting. However, Hooks states that she does not condone this type of power dynamic. You can read further into her opinion here.

In the authors’ introduction, they argue:

“Recent efforts to prohibit sexual relationships between professors and students have focused on preventing coercion and sexual harassment; however, many academics, including feminist luminaries such as Jane Gallop and bell hooks, have criticized these efforts as attempting to reduce or restrict pedagogy. Indeed, for hooks, “Passionate pedagogy in any setting is likely to spark erotic energy. It cannot be policed or outlawed. This erotic energy can be used in constructive ways both in individual relationships and in the classroom setting” (hooks 50).

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