Heartbreak: War Songs

by February 21, 2012
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Heartbreak: War SongsThe radio is a broken-hearted single’s mine field. One wrong song and you’re blown to weepy, pathetic bits.

You start out fine: Jamming to some LMFAO – yeah, you are sexy and you know it. You have a groove. Your day is bright, cheery – almost – when boom!

Never mind, I’ll find someone like yououououououou! Duck for cover! It’s an Adele bomb!

The strong single may have the sense to change channels quickly to avoid most of the shrapnel, but the rookie just gets blown up, forced to pull over the car to sob to lyrics like “don’t forget me!” Even If you manage to get to another station in time, you’re never safe – not really.

There is a stage in the break-up where all you really want to do is cry anyway, so listening to songs that feed the melodramatic angst is key. But to make it through the tough times, songs that either help you smile, poke your vengeance bone or support your feelings – that that they are, in fact, an asshole – is what you really need.

So here is my broken-heart-support playlist. Consider it some body armour for the war ahead. You may not always be able to avoid the bombs, and sometimes you may just want to self-destruct, but here are some options to keep you company in the trenches:

Songs that make me go, “yeah! You’re right, song. He is a tool! You get me!”:

No Good Woman by Elise LeGrow

“No good woman would wait for you
and no good woman would play the fool”
“I fell for you but I don’t crawl”

Say You’re Sorry by Sara Bareilles

“I used to believe that the story books were true
But now I don’t need it, at least not with you”

Songs for when all I want is for him to go to hell:

Fuck You Very Much by Lily Allen

“Fuck you, fuck you very very much
cause your words don’t translate
and it’s getting quite late
so please don’t stay in touch”

Songs Like This by Carrie Underwood

“If it wasn’t for guys like you there wouldn’t be songs like this
And if you hadn’t gone and done me wrong I wouldn’t go off like this”

Fuck You by Cee Lo Green

“Fuck you
And fuck her too”
“I pity the fool
that falls in love with you”

Songs for when I need to believe there is karmic revenge:

Somebody More Like You by Nickel Creek

“I hope you meet someone your height
So you can see eye-to-eye
With someone as small as you”

Gives You Hell by The All American Rejects

“Now where’s your picket fence love
And where’s that shiny car
And did it ever get you far
You never seemed so tense love
I’ve never seen you fall so hard
Do you know where you are”

Songs for when I need to feel tough:

(Stronger) What Doesn’t Kill You by Kelly Clarkson

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
stand a little taller
doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone”

Gonna Get Over You by Sara Barrellies

“And I’m not the girl that I intend to be
But I dare you darling, just you wait and see
But this time not for you, just for me”

Songs that make me smile, giggle and dance (semi-rhythmically flail) around and are impossible to be sad to:

Big Girls, You Are Beautiful by Mika

“You take your girl
And multiply her by 4
Now a whole lot of woman
Needs a whole lot more!”

Tubthumping by Chumbawumba

“I get knocked down
But I get up again
You’re never gonna keep me down”

Hey Mickey by Toni Basil

“Oh Mickey, you’re so fine you’re so fine you blow my mind,
hey Mickey (huff huff) hey Mickey (huff huff)”

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