How Curvy Does Skinny

by February 23, 2012
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How Curvy Does SkinnyYou may have heard this before: “Curvy women can’t/shouldn’t wear skinny pants”. This is a statement that just drives the crazy up my back and into my mouth. Of course curvy women can wear skinny pants! They can wear skinny pants really well actually, because those curves are even more enhanced. The trick for curvy women to wear skinny pants is to create a balance between the top half and the bottom half.

These skinny pants are probably my favorite pair of pants. In the winter I pair them with boots and warm cardigans. During the summer months, I’ll wear them with adorable flats, or flashy sandals; their versatility is endless. I paired these pants with a loose blouse in a brown and pink floral pattern. Chiffon is airy and light, and due to the size of my chest, without any real structure to the garment, blouses like this have the tendency of hanging off of me like a bag. Belting the shirt with a wide black belt re-introduced my waist to this outfit and gave it that deeply needed structure.

Wide belts are a curvy girl’s best friend. The wider the belt, the more proportionate your waist looks. Small belts have the tendency of cross-sectioning your torso strangely, and leave your waist looking larger than it is. This is also a trick I use when I’m in a weight-loss period. Rather than buying transitional tops, I often just belt them which can (not always) fix the problem.

Again, I paired this outfit with my currently favorite biker boots to bring in that masculine touch to the outfit. The chocolate cardigan is not only warm, but again creates a structure when buttoned. Cardigans are an excellent casual alternative to the blazer because they add, what’s that magic word? Structure.

So put those leggings away and get a pair of skinnies to show off those wonderful curves.

Photography by Kristen Rickard, Stars Photography & Design

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