Schools Banning Cross-Gender Dress

by February 20, 2012
filed under Activism
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Tom BoyI like to dress like a “boy” sometimes. I wear baggy hoodies, big sneakers and even my boyfriend’s boxers under my jeans. I wear a toque with the hood up, and end up looking like a gansta. It’s comfortable, yo.

But if I were a student in the Virginia school district, that wouldn’t be allowed according to their new dress code. Apparently, not conforming to gender stereotypes distracts some students from learning – as if conforming to gender stereotypes doesn’t distract some students from learning.

Seriously though – how does cross-gender dress distract from learning? What exactly is cross-gender dress, anyways?

These are questions the ladies at Ms. Magazine are asking in their post, Girls In Pearls, Guys In Ties.

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