The Little Black Dress

by February 7, 2012
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Little Black DressWho doesn’t own a little black cocktail dress? If you just thought, “Me”, then this is something you need to fix right now. Black is always sophisticated and the LBD (little black dress) has been a wardrobe staple for oh, at least 80 years. I found this LBD on the clearance rack and instantly fell in love with its classic styling and complete versatility.

The square neckline elongated my figure, while also helping to downplay the size of my chest. V-necks also open necklines, elongate the body and downplay a larger chest. The torso of the dress has very simple and classic lines, while the skirt’s reverse pleats float the material away from the body. This dress is an example of the fit and flare style.

Peep toesFit and flare styling works well from women who carry weight lower in the abdomen and their hips. Search out wrap dresses, and A-line skirts in more casual pieces. This dress is a polyester spandex mix and is unbelievably lightweight. The little bit of stretch in the material is perfect for a night of dancing.

LBDs go with practically any shoes or accessories. You can pair them with golds and silvers, or as I have done, create a modern effect with block colours in bright contrasting shades. The choices are endless for LBD’s and even the particularly uninspired stylista can look smashing in one.

Little Black Dress – Urban Planet (Sale), $14.99
Gold Pearls – Gift, $Unknown
White Belt – Ardene’s, 3-for-$15
Flower Statement Ring – Mark, $18.00
Cut-out Peep-toes – Spring Shoes (Old), $30.00
Red Lipstain – Covergirl No. 425

Photography by Michael Arts

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