Trousers and Monochromatic Illusions

by February 15, 2012
filed under Style

Trousers and Monochromatic IllusionsNikki is one of the many beautiful women I work with and she was (surprisingly) enthusiastic about participating in a shoot with me one lunch hour. The weather that day was a heavy, wet, snow so we quickly ducked into an enclave in the alley behind our office to snap up a few photos with my iPhone (that should explain the quality of the photo and the lighting).

Trousers are a wide-legged cut pants that create a long leg line on taller women. Nikki is 5’8″ so these plaid-patterned trousers create a nice long leg-line for her. Shorter women should be wary of trousers because they have the ability to make you look even shorter than your are. Taller women should embrace this cut, be they in dress-pants style or jeans. Pair them with your favorite heels and you have an awesome leg-line to rock all day with a flowery blouse or a structured blazer.

What Nikki has also done here is create a monochromatic look by pairing similarly coloured trousers and cardigan. It’s important when achieving the monochromatic look that it be practiced with neutrals rather than bright colours (please no banana suits!). It’s also important to pair different textures together, this will help you avoid looking like you’re wearing a uniform. Monochromatic outfits also create an illusion of height, so this technique can be applied by both shorter and taller women.

As Clinton Kelly once said, “Saying you’re too tall is like saying you’re too rich”.

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