Who Is the Future of Feminism?

by February 25, 2012
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Ms. MagazineFrom Ms. Magazine:

As a reader of and writer for Ms. and a women’s studies professor, I, like many of us, believe that the study and celebration of women’s history shouldn’t be relegated to just one month. Still, ever since President Jimmy Carter designated a Women’s History Week in 1980 and then, half a decade later, an entire month became officially devoted to celebrating the contribution of women to our vast national and global histories, March has become an especially commemorative month for women.

I’m all for women’s history, but it seems that, particularly in light of Ms. Magazine’s 40th anniversary this year, we here at the blog could do thing a little bit differently. So, instead of celebrating Women History Month the usual way, with a look back at our foremothers, I’m proposing a look forward. Feminism isn’t a thing of the past. It’s not dead. So, let’s spend a little time celebrating the future of feminism and the future of women, instead of just our past.

During the month of March, the Ms. blog will feature people, organizations, and innovations that speak to the promise and potential of feminist leadership, scholarship, invention, and creativity in this millennium.

This is where you come in. As we prepare for this exciting look forward, we’re looking for ideas/people you think we should follow up on. Do you know of someone doing new and exciting things in the name of gender equality? Or an organization empowering women and girls? Or a scholar or scientist or artist whose work puts a unique spin on old ideas? Let us know!

Pitches, suggestions, ideas, and inquiries should be emailed to Aviva at fourthwave.feminism@gmail.com.

– Aviva Dove-Viebahn

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