A Woman is Worth More than What She Gives a Man

by March 8, 2012
filed under Activism

What You Give A Woman

This photo has been flying around feeds today, in celebration of International Women’s Day. However, instead of being empowering, it’s absolutely insulting. With feedback from Feminist Edmonton, I’m going to point out why:

1.The image is of a tall, slender model with her head cut off. This portrays the idea that women are 1) only worth their sex appeal and 2) supposed to look like the one-size-fits-all-model-breed.

2. The first four points tell us that, other than being sex objects, women are here to please men. It’s not far from the phrase, “make me a sandwich, bitch!.”

3. The last point is just downright degrading. If you give me a million dollars, I’ll build a multi-million dollar company – not thank you in blowjobs. Asshat.

However, the last point is true: If you give her crap, she will make a ton of shit. In other words, if you post this stupid picture on my feed, I’m going to tell you my opinion about it.


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