Green Fun In The Winter Sun

by March 5, 2012
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Green Fun in the Winter SunAs the snow flies around my city, people are left wondering what to do. I used to despise the winter months. Cold and snowy: Yuck! I hated it. But then I met my boyfriend, and he has shown me the light. Usually during the cold and wintry nights I would curl up in front of the TV and watch my favourite episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Battlestar Galactica – wasting energy and my life. Now I know that there are many fun and free things you can do, while keeping you healthy and saving electricity.

I went tobogganing for the first time since I was a child, last weekend. I had forgotten how much fun it is: The rush of adrenaline as you slide face-first down a snowy hill with nothing but a thin sheet of plastic between you and the hill. The chilling blast of snow misting your face. The thrill of the hill. The hike back up is worth every tummy tickling moment you get going back down. And as I lay in a giant snowdrift laughing from the hilarity of sledding, I started thinking of other things I used to enjoy as a child.

Ice-skating. I used to figure skate as a small child. There are many free skating locations around your city. Some of them even include skate rentals. If you live in the Edmonton area, click here to find outdoor skating information.

There are also many lovely parks where you can take a leisurely stroll or go for a run. One of my favorites in Edmonton is the Whitemud Ravine located just off of Whitemud Drive after the Rainbow Bridge. The chickadees are so friendly and used to people, if you bring birdseed along with you, they will land in your hands to eat.

Cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, ice fishing, snowball fights, building snow forts and snowmen. Go back to your childhood and revisit some of the winter fun you used to have. There is a lot you can do in the winter.

And when those winter days deep in January are too cold for outside excursions, why not dust off some of those old board games hidden away in the closet? Monopoly, Cribbage and Risk – oh my! Invite some friends over, make it a potluck and play some old school board games. Pull out a deck of cards and fire up a game of Rummy or Crazy Eights.

The long dark winter months don’t have to be so dark and dreary. Not when there are so many awesome things to do outside and in. There is something very invigorating about embracing the winter. It makes a person feel alive! Not only does this keep you healthy and in a good mood, it saves on electricity and your wallet.

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