Greening your Green

by March 12, 2012
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Greening Your Green

In the quest for fewer carbon footprints, I am going to cover a lot of different topics. Some of them may be helpful to you, dear reader, and some of them may not. As an all- encompassing writer, sometimes I must cover even the most controversial of topics. So this is one for the already “green” scene. To be sure, a more unexpected, different type of green.

There are many simple ways to go green – even for smokers of the wacky tobaccy can do so with a few simple tricks. Instead of getting your ganja in a baggie, use a small mason jar, or a washed salsa jar. Any jar will do, as long as it is clean and dry. Not only does it class up your weed, using a jar provides better protection against the smell of skunk. If you are a fan of the joint, try using natural hemp paper. It’s better for your lungs, tastes better and burns cleaner – not to mention that the process of making it usually uses very few harmful chemicals, unlike the more popular brands such as Zig Zag or Vogue, which are both bleached for their white colour. If you use filters, make them out of old business cards and cigarette cases.

Or, go completely paperless in your smoking paraphernalia. Try using a pipe or bong. Not only is this better than throwing away paper products, but most of these devices tend to be rather artistic as well. There are many different types of pipe, from glass to quartz to metal, in many shapes and sizes. Glass is generally the most popular, because it can be fashioned into many fantastic, mind-boggling shapes and colours.

Going paperless can also cut down on your consumption. Joints take a lot of weed to make. Smoking from a pipe uses less weed. Plus changing the method in which you are smoking can often lead to a different mind-altering state. Some people find that smoking from the pipe leads to more of a body high. (Where your body is tingly and your head stays a little more cognizant). As well, a one-hitter can make your weed last much, much longer. They also usually look like cigarettes, for your discreet, toking pleasure.

What about pure functionality? In this case, metal pipes are the way to go. They are more durable than their glass counterparts and usually smaller – making them easier to slip into your pocket. However, they do tend to get hot and hold the heat more readily than glass. You can also go for a more traditional look, such as a classy Sherlock Holmes style pipe, found at any tobacconists shop. Not only do wooden and corncob pipes look super, ridiculously awesome – they taste great too. The only downside is that they are a bitch to clean.

Bongs are the most artistic form of smoking devices. They are beautiful and functional. They are the quintessential tool of the marijuana smoking trade. Most bongs being made today are of glass coming from professional blowers who have been doing it for years. They make pieces that are vibrant in their hues, yet solid enough to be used as a functional home defense tool. And for the party-goers, a hookah is a wonderful way to share some chiba.

There are many ways to smoke you and your friends up. From the classic joint to the all-knowing bong, the possibilities are nearly limitless – at least when you’re in the right headspace. So why not get creative when shrinking your carbon footprint? Just visit your local headshop to green up your greenery.

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