International Women’s Day

by March 6, 2012
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International Women's Day

March is Women’s History Month. It was started to educate women about the progress we’ve made through feminism. During this month, many organizations hold events to raise awareness and empower women. However, March’s Women’s History Month only takes place in Australia, The United States and The United Kingdom. In Canada, Women’s History Month is in October.

Thursday is International Women’s Day. It’s basically Women’s History Month rolled into one day all over the world. For more information on the history of International Women’s Day, click here.

International Women’s Day is important because it represents our past, present and future in women’s rights. You can find activities to join all over the internet, such as Rock The Lips – an event dedicated to raising awareness of International Women’s Day through wearing red lipstick. But if you’re going to celebrate this day of empowerment, I propose you actually do something empowering. Get together with your girlfriends and make a difference. This can be putting your pocket change together for charity, or watching a feminist friendly movie, such as Mona Lisa Smile.

One way to celebrate this day is to join Oxfam’s campaign. Oxfam is a great way to empower women who are less fortunate than you, while hanging out with your friends. Check out their video below.

Click here to find out how you and your girlfriends can get involved with Oxfam.

How will you be celebrating women’s day? Post your comments below.

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