Is It Really Spring?

by March 22, 2012
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Is It Really Spring?As most of you have probably heard, spring has finally arrived! I know winter has been somewhat gentle to us this year, but now it’s officially time to put away the parkas and mittens and pull out the flip flops and short shorts. But wait a minute, not too fast. As we all know, weather can be unpredictable and it can sometimes snow in June – so most of us believe just because the calendar says so, it won’t be hot anytime soon.

If you want to lounge on the beach and work on your (natural) tan, you’re probably going to have to go find the nice weather for yourself rather than waiting for it to come. Let me help you out with a few places to dream about, travel to, and enjoy!

Here are a few of the world’s top beach destinations that are available for a summer getaway right now:

Lagos, Portugal

A little off the beaten path, Lagos is a small town along the Atlantic ocean in southern Portugal. During its high tourist season (our North American summer), it is crawling with visitors, but right now it is perfect for a quiet getaway. It has a great nightlife where you can get to know the locals over a couple cocktails, amazing beaches to work on your tan to make everyone back in the cold jealous and great hikes with beautiful views of the ocean. With an average temperature of 18°C all throughout March, Lagos is perfect for a taste of the Canadian summer you’ve been itching for.

The Philippines

Yes, I know that an entire country doesn’t help narrow down the options much, but this place is so full of beaches and hot weather that you can go anywhere to get a taste of summer. There are over 7000 islands and far less tourists than some other Southeast Asian countries which both contribute to more isolated beaches for you to discover. The best part is it takes little more than the hiring of a small fishing boat to sail off and find your own stretch of tropical sand to soak up the rays (with a high SPF sunscreen, of course). The Philippines’ summer is from March to May, so now is the perfect time to experience temperatures reaching to 35°C.

St. Barts, Caribbean

Known as a hotspot for high-end jetsetters, and for good reason: St. Barts has a lot to offer. One of the many islands in the Caribbean Sea, this thirteen-kilometer-long island has twenty beaches with small coves perfect for simmers and sunbathers alike. And if you get bored of tanning and swimming, St. Barts also offers fine French cuisine, luxurious hotels (most with relaxing spas!), and duty-free shopping. Here, even the ocean is warm with the coldest temperature being 26°C in the middle of February.

Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

In the province of Eastern Cape, Jeffreys Bay is a water sports haven. Every year it attracts the world’s top surfers for the Billabong Pro ASP World Tour surfing event and nearby lagoons are ideal for other water sports like boardsailing and canoeing. You can also go diving with lessons, lounge and suntan on beaches that are much less occupied than other world-class water destinations, hike by foot or on horseback, and much more. With warm weather all year long, the typical temperature in March is an ideal 20°C.

Whitsunday Island, Australia

With summers opposite to ours, March is still a great time to visit Australia’s sandy beaches with temperatures between 17°C and 31°C. Whitsunday Island is the largest in a collection of 74 continental islands. Located in the Coral Sea, it was rated as the top Eco Friendly Beach by in 2010 despite being one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. It has expansive beaches perfect for lounging and swimming.

No matter where you choose to lounge on a beach (you may even decide to just wait out the cold…brr!), looking at pictures and planning a tropical vacation can be a great way to warm up!

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