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by March 12, 2012
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Comfortable, Polished PregnancyAmanda was kind enough to meet me on Whyte Avenue a few weeks ago in the borderline frigid weather just so I could photograph her 8-month belly where her daughter Abby was hiding. Amanda is a great example of how clothing yourself during late-term pregnancy doesn’t need to revolve around sweatpants and hoodies, and that a few well-chosen items can keep you stylish even as you continue to grow.

Amanda is wearing a teal blouse from Thyme Maternity with 3/4 length sleeves. This simple top shows off her baby belly but adds cute detail in the form of ruching around the neckline. The square neckline on this top is ideal for a combination of necklace lengths. This blouse is a cotton/polyester blend which is just as comfortable and versatile to wear during pregnancy as any sweatshirt. I also just adore the colour of this blouse on Amanda’s skin tone. It easily transitions from a splash of colour to a winter outfit to a strong focal point in a spring one.

Comfortable, Polished PregnancyA good pair of jeans is essential, regardless of how pregnant or not-pregnant you may be. Amanda is wearing a pair of medium-dark wash boot cut jeans that elongate her legs and make her bun in the oven even more pronounced. Her maternity jeans are a 3-in-1 coverage which ranges from full, medium, and low-rise coverage (how much of your baby bump it covers) that allows the Mama-to-be to have a pair of flattering jeans that changes shape in tune with her body.

Introducing Abby Noelle M.

Amanda was due any day when we met up for the photoshoot. Abby wasn’t expected until March 17, but came into this world on March 3, 2012, just in time to make her debut appearance on Curvy Coup D’Etat!

Henley Maternity Top in Teal – Thyme Maternity, $19
5-Pocket Slim Boot Maternity Jean with 3-in-1 Panel, $59
Dexter Wedges in Black – Payless Shoes, $40 (CDN)

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