The Little Green Monster in All of Us

by March 26, 2012
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The Little Green Monster in All of Us

Now that spring has finally broken through the bitter, winter chill, my thoughts are turned to the arrival of green grass and leaves. The cool breeze blowing up the smell of dirt. The promise of summer. In the spring, I always feel an intense pull towards my childish side. I think about the fun I used to have in my youth, and try to reconnect with that. When we grow into adults, we forget that some of the most fun we had as children was green, such as playing outside and using our imaginations. So much of our adult life is spent inside with electronics running our lives. Maybe this spring is the time to step out of our adult roles and grow back into our green youth.

Puddles! I love jumping in puddles, even now, as a 28-year-old child. The search for the perfect puddle begins. Even when I’m in my car, driving down the slushy roads, I try to hit every puddle possible. The wave of water flying over the windows, the slight pull of your car as it is dragged deeper into the puddle; these are the things I enjoy. But don’t be a meanie about your puddle seeking tires. Leave the puddles alone if there happens to be a pedestrian walking by. I have been in their soaking shoes, and it is not a good time. Also, try not to hit the really big puddles with your car; you can hydroplane or drown your engine. But puddles are more fun on foot anyway, and greener too. The best is trying to have a puddle war with a willing friend. You splash them. They splash you. Everybody’s cool.

When the roads are too sloppy to drive, why not leave the transportation up to someone else? Blast your headphones and reminisce about the times before you had a driver’s licence. My goal this spring is to go on a bus date. What is a bus date, you ask? Well, it’s where you only travel by bus, (or as much as you can). For those of you who live out of town, the ultimate goal is to only pay the bus fare once. Bus tickets are good for a full hour and a half, so plan your route carefully and try to be on another bus within 90 minutes. That way, it’s a cheap and green date. Public transportation is a convenient and green way to travel around the city. You don’t even have to live in the city to enjoy it! Drive to the mall, park for free and become a mallrat again.

Reconnect with your inner youth through the greenest, childlike toy there is: The playground. Playgrounds aren’t just for children. The parts may be a little smaller than remembered, but that only adds to the challenge! Take a ride on the tire swings or the tube slide. Venture to the other side of the monkey bars – you could even make it a race. Visit memory lane through the the smell of rubber and the feel of the metal and become one with your green youth. Play hide and seek in the park. Go for a hike through the woods. Bring your own picnic. Play a game of tag. Ride a bike, go rollerblading or long boarding. These are just some of the ideas that will help you to get out in the green world and step into your youth.

So, whether you’re jumping through puddles, venturing on a bus date or playing tag in a park, embrace the little green monster that’s in all of us and get your green on!

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