The Power of Pink

by March 5, 2012
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The power of pink“Will you ever grow out of your pink phase?”

It’s not exactly what you want to hear when you ask your fiancée for his opinion on the lamps you want to order for your living room. But sometimes you don’t always hear what you were hoping for.

My love affair with pink must have begun in the 90’s. I was that classic little girl; I wanted pink shirts, pink hair, pink fairies, pink anything. But two decades later, is it really all that odd that I still love the color?

Everything in our new living room plan is so bland: Brown couch, brown table, brown TV unit and a white shelf or two. Do brown and white equal respect and wisdom, while pink means immaturity and thoughtlessness?

Not about to lose the color I’ve been so loyal to in the past, I knew I could find a way to incorporate the joyful and inviting colour into my plan in a tasteful and elegant way. So I did.

Previously, I was bringing pink into the room with a solid-coloured shade. Now, we’ve decided to change it to a chestnut lamp with a white shade. The particular style we choose was from Bed, Bath & Beyond – a Quatro Table Lamp priced at $24.99. For this project, all you will need is a hot glue gun, translucent pink ribbon and patience – all of which can be picked up for cheap at a local craft store. Well – except the patience.

Start by measuring the bottom of the lampshade in ribbon, adding an extra two or three inches just to be safe. Now, carefully – this is where the patience comes in – put some hot glue on your ribbon and press it to the bottom of the lampshade. Depending on the angle, it may be easier to do in smaller sections. With the hot glue gun, you will probably get some strings of glue, but those can be removed after the glue has cooled and dried.

For the last step, cut a length of ribbon to make yourself a bow. I used 24 inches of ribbon and just made a simple pew bow with it. To do this, just use the loop method, as if you were tying your shoes. Then add more ribbon as desired. Cut the ends down to as short or as long as you want. Hot glue the center of the bow to the ribbon on the bottom of the lampshade. Then, turn the lamp so the bow is in the front – and voila! Your simple lamp just received its own unique personality! If you’re like me, this is a great way to embrace your pink phase without your man worrying about an emasculated color scheme.

And that’s the power of pink!

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