“Why Men Can’t – And Shouldn’t – Stop Staring At Women”

by March 28, 2012
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There has been a lot of buzz around the Globe and Mail’s article: Why Men Can’t – And Shouldn’t – Stop Staring At Women. You can count the ways in the response above, or Jezebel’s response, The Top 29 Reasons Why It’s Okay To Creepily Stare At Women’s Butts, a more satirical piece by Lindy West that will make your day, hell even your week. Here is number eight:

Women have bodies and walk around.

Are you aware that women have all kinds of body parts that they use to move around in the world? Right in the places where men also are!!! SOME OF THESE WOMEN EVEN HAVE BOTTOMS. The author takes time to note many of his favorite disembodied woman-parts (if you add all of them up, they almost make a human being!): “Details that catch my attention: lively calves, French blue puff skirts with white polka dots, red shoes, dark skin, olive skin, pale skin, lips (various shapes), curly hair (to my surprise). A pretty girl with too much bottom squeezed into her yoga pants—and, mysteriously, twice as sexy for the effort.” Don’t forget, ladies, that you’re not just being gaped at, you’re also being judged. Good luck finding that perfect bottom-to-yoga-pants ratio for ultimate man-pleasure!

And while these responses are fantastic, we want you to send us your own thoughts. Please read the original article here and post in the comments below. Or, even better, send us an email with your own response and we’d be more than happy to publish it on the site.

We’ll just leave you with this excerpt from the not-at-all-sexist-and-degrading-article. Maybe it will spark some inspiration:

“Beautiful women are like flowers,” W interjects. “They turn to the sun. But if they don’t receive a certain amount of attention, they wither.” The simile has an 18th-century feel, like the conversation: It’s about manners, after all, which are always most complicated in times of equality.

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