Jewelry Pollution

by April 16, 2012
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Jewelry PollutionIf you’re crazy obsessed with jewellery like me, you may have this problem: Far too many accessories and nowhere to put them. Therefore, I’ve come up with a few ideas on how to creatively store jewelry and other accessories. Creative storage not only de-clutters a room, it can help you add in some interesting things to pull it all together.

Necklaces. I have an over-abundance of them, because I like to layer them. Especially long chains. The problem is that when kept in a box, they get kinked and then I have to waste time trying to de-kink them in the morning. And in the morning rush, who wants to do that? Style at Home gave me this great idea – some of you may remember me mentioning it in a previous column. At the Dollar Store I found some cork board tiles and a hideous frame. All you need is a cutting mat and an x-acto knife so you can trim them down to size. Then, paint up the frame and stick some pins in the cork board to create a cute new place to store your necklaces. They’ll be easy to spot in the morning when you’re putting together an ensemble.

While I love pilling bracelets on, they clutter up counter-space and don’t fit in most jewelry boxes. After giving this problem a great deal of thought, I’ve realized that with a little ingenuity, a toilet-paper stand could be turned into a cute place to store them with coat of paint.

Earrings pose a similar problem to necklaces. So, store them similarly. Rip apart a cork board, and keep only the frame. Then, pick up some screen from a hardware store, and cut it to size. Either glue it in place, or use some little nails or thumb tacks. Lace, ribbon, twine and string all work just as well to hang your earrings off.
Another thing you can do is use decorative tea cups to hang your bigger earrings off the side. You can also put stray pendants or rings on the saucer. Of course, this all depends on your theme.

Speaking of rings, a great way to store them are in pretty boxes. When I re-did my bathroom to be like a French boudoir, my jewelry box stood out like a sore thumb. But I found that with a few sticky jewels and a coat of paint, a ribbon and some varnish, it fit right in with everything else.

The other thing I did to get some of the ring clutter out of the way was to recycle mini boxes I had lying around. I painted them white and used some collage skills to make them a little prettier. When I work with collage, I like to use little bits of everything – so on one box I put a few little jewels, some ribbon, a filigree pendant and a glass scrabble tile with a little France related photo behind it. I like to take the approach where the boxes are three-dimensional scrapbooks.

When it comes to jewelry pollution, remember to think outside the box. Just because something is designated to look a certain way, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change it up.

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