Lipstick Vibe Review

by April 28, 2012
filed under Sex & Dating

Lipstick VibeFor a toy that measures a mere 2 3/4″ this sure comes in a large box. I have to admit though, it did look seductive as I eyed the sleek silver case through the see-through packaging, before I finally couldn’t resist any longer and gave into the urge to rip open the packet. What greeted me was a chic looking silver container that would easily pass as part of my make-up bag once the top was in place. The Lipstick Vibe only requires one AA size battery, so I found myself wondering just how powerful it would prove.

Soon, I found the answer to my question was more than I actually gave it credit for. I couldn’t help but notice how powerful the vibration was, and discovered that if left on my desk switched on, it would stand on its end, rotating and dancing around. So be careful if you decide to play with it in the office or at school. And make sure you switch it off before putting it away, should you get interrupted. Explaining why your lipstick is cavorting around your desk might not be so easy!

The size of this vibe is actually a plus, as it allows for easy maneuverability. As I mentioned earlier, it does pack a pretty good punch, and if you’re like me and not keen on direct clitoral stimulation then this is a toy you might really enjoy. Due to its sloped end, I found I was able to easily position it between my inner and outer lips, teasing the nerve that runs along the clitoral shaft – something I personally enjoy. This made it a lot easier to slip and slide where I actually wanted it to be.

Another advantage to this toy is that it is actually pretty quiet when in use. While there is no such thing as a silent vibe, this came pretty darn close even when I applied plenty of pressure. The vibrations are really intense for something so small, and I quickly discovered adding it to anal play can add a whole new dimension. One word of warning regarding that: This is not a toy I would actually insert, as it doesn’t have a flared base. But the vibrations when held just at the anal opening are brilliant.

With my “research partner” at hand, we began to explore this toy; he did comment on the fact that he found it a bit odd we had taken a tube of lipstick to bed. But he wasn’t complaining for long – moaning maybe, but complaining no. Like many of the smaller vibes, we soon discovered this made a perfect complement to sex; he also enjoyed the same type of anal stimulation I mentioned above with this toy. Like me, he liked the fact that it was quiet – although after a while the powerful vibrations in your hand can become a little uncomfortable. We found that by simply asking each other when and where it felt best, we got the most pleasure for it. His comment before falling asleep was that if real lipstick was “this much fun” every guy would want to wear it.

Who needs plastic surgery when you can get one of these for a little over $20? You sure won’t have pouted lips after you’ve tried this little gem, that’s for sure. This is one of those rarer toys that actually lives up to the hype that surrounds it. You can get away with throwing it in your purse/makeup bag and passing it off as lipstick. Whether you choose to use it at home, in the office or when traveling, it’s discreet, packs a punch for its size and is a great shape. Couple that with the fact that it’s quiet, looks stylish and feminine and you’re onto a winner for sure. Now everyone can and should look pretty in pink, even if it’s not really your shade! Have fun playing, ladies!

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