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by April 17, 2012
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Suzy Shier dressThe nautical theme is really big this spring, which is great for those who look good in combinations of navy and red, as well as those who have been looking for a reason to wear that striped t-shirt again (outside of a grunge concert setting). We took advantage of this bright spring day to show off this fantastic spring dress that puts a different spin on the usual sailing garb.

Other than the cool colour combination going on in this dress, there are actually four really important style elements for any curvy woman.


A v-neck always opens your neckline up. That helps provide you with some height, which at my five-foot-five is always a big deal. Paired with an appropriate hemline, which should rest from one to three inches above the knee depending on your height.

Waist Definition

This cute little number has a built-in defined waistline. The thick navy band draws your eyes to the smallest part of the waist. The thicker the band is, the more it helps to smooth the waist. A small waistband or a thin, snake-like belt, can actually cross-section your upper body strangely and only make it look disproportioned.


This soft a-line cut (the shape of the skirt makes an “A” shape) works so well on so many body types. If you think skirts and dresses don’t look good on you, try on an a-line cut which balances a larger upper-body with a smaller lower-body.

Diagonal Stripes

Curvy girls are told that stripes are our enemy, to heed the warnings and just stay far, far away. A horizontal stripe?! Devil be gone! The diagonal stripes on this dress go a long way to actually disguising those lumps and bumps that detract from a polished look. Prints are your friends ladies! I know they can seem a little wacky and aggressive, but a print can disguise a bit of a tummy so start looking at how the prints you’ve been seeing can enhance your natural beauty. This dress was a killer find with absolutely no modification necessary, either through tailoring or accessorizing.

I want to thank my readers who kept coming back these last few weeks while I haven’t had a chance to update Curvy Coup D’Etat. The spring can mean a lot of adorable clothing and the chance to take some picture in an environment free of snow. It also means that for a few weeks, I don’t venture much farther than one couch to the next as I pump out writing projects and prepare for finals.

The spring has only just begun and we’re only starting to roll out some fun looks for the summer! I hope to see you up here soon!

Dress – Suzy Shier, $30 (purchased Fall, 2011)
Photography courtesy of Kristen Rickard at Stars Photography

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