Today the Personhood Debate Opens in Canada

by April 26, 2012
filed under Activism

Today Stephen Harper is re-opening the debate on whether or not a fetus is a person. This will ultimately determine whether or not abortion becomes illegal again.

But instead of debating whether or not a fetus is a person, we need to be educating and supporting each other. Because as we know from the past, abortions are going to happen whether or not the government allows them. At least if they are legal, more women will have access to safe medical care.

In the video above, a young woman answers the most common questions she receives about her experience having an abortion. She talks about how she didn’t regret it, how it didn’t hurt and how a woman can’t possibly know what she’s going to do until she has the knowledge she’s pregnant.

Now, this is just one woman’s experience. Much of the time, we hear that abortions are traumatic. In this way, the video is a breath of fresh air, where women can hear that abortion is not always the horrible experience that we are told it is.

Whichever your stance on the procedure, we can all agree that a woman should have the choice to decide for herself. If you would like more information on the debate, click here.

If you have had an experience with abortion, email to have your story published anonymously on the website to educate other women. Because this is something we need to talk about as friends, not debate as enemies. We all have vaginas, after all.

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